The Road to becoming a Ore Mineral Master


What is this?

Minerals are the small substances that make up most of the earthfs crust. The aggregation of these minerals are called rocks.

Most minerals are made from elements produced in the natural world or from one element, otherwise known as native minerals, and are inorganic substances.

However, there are some rare cases of minerals being made up by organic substances. Also, most minerals are solid substances becuase of its atom structure, but some@iex.mercury) are liquid. Minerals are divided by its chemical compostion and its atomic arrangment.

There are some minerals that change its name by its crystalline structure even if it has the same compostional formula. Minerals are classified by its color, sheen, solidity, specific gravity, streak color, and cleavage.

Most minerals can be divided into native minerals, hydroxide minerals, carbonate minerals, nitrate minerals, silicate minerals, sulfide minerals, oxide minerals, halide minerals, phosopate minerals, vanadate minerals, sulphate minerals, chromate minerals, tungstate minerals, and molybdate minerals.



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